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Re: large feathered dinosaur?

> A person attempting to subscribe to the list wrote to me that he heard
> a partial radio report of a 48 foot dinosaur skeleton found recently,
> possibly in northern Russia.  Said skeleton was supposed to have some
> indication of feathers.
> Does anybody recognize any grains of truth in the above?

A large skeleton of an unidentified sea creature was washed up on a beach
in northern Russia.  early reports stated that it was 40 foot long,
resembled a 'dinosaur' and was covered in either feathers or fur. 

It turned out to be a decomposed Whale.  I think the original reports
were from people viewing the corpse from a considerable distance.  if 
you can imagine 40 foot of rotting flesh...  One might not want to get 
that close to it.  Which could explain the ambiguous covering material.

Scientists have viewed the corpse to determine that it is a Whale.

--- Derek

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