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Re: Rauisuchids and Thecodonts

>From: Pterodon@aol.com
 > Is Thecodont a term that encompasses such animals as the Rauisuchids and
 > Phytosaurs?

Generally, yes.

A cladist would treat the term as an informal one, rather than
as the name of an actual taxon.  I prefer to retain the taxon

 > Or are Thecodonts a separate group with representatives such as
 > Euparkaria?

This is also a thecodont, along with things like Erythrosuchus,
and the aetosaurs.
 > Also, did Phytosaurs continue on into the late Mesozoic along with
 > crocodilians, or did they succumb at the T-J boundary?
They died out fairly early, though I think some may have
survived into the Early Jurassic.

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