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Re: Pronouncing Dinosaur Name

In message Sun, 30 Oct 1994 16:54:23 -0500,
  John Erick Schneiderman <dino@cwis.unomaha.edu>  writes:

> I would think it is more important to get the spelling correct.  So many
> times has a dinosaur genus or species names been misspelled in the
> literature, that many are made to believe a new genus or species had been
> described or referred to.  The fun part of pronouncing dinosaurs names is
> the way we personalize them for ourselves. (Try: Diplodocus)
> ---John Schneiderman (dino@cwis.unomaha.edu)

Speaking of this, did anyone else notice that one of the embryonic tube rows
in "Jurassic Park" was labelled "Stegasaurus"?

Dan Lipkowitz