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On Sun, 30 Oct 1994, it was written:

> On crest coloration in hadrosaurs:
>   I have no problem assuming that, say, dilophosaur crests or, say, allosaur
> suprorbital crests were colored, as display items should likely be.  However,
> hadrosaur skull features were elaborations of nasal structures, which Dodson
> and many others argue functioned as trumpets/signal devices.  There is no
> reason these were for visual display and they were unlikely to have been
> visually colored.

"Unlikely" is probably too strong a word to use. Even if the main function
of the crests was to produce sounds, they would have been a logical place
for bright colors to develop. If other types of dinosaurs could see color
and react to it, there's no reason to assume hadrosaurs were strictly