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8th Gakken Mook

Gakken published their 8th issue of Kyouryuugaku
Saizensen (Gakken mook dino-frontline).
Contents of This issue as below.

Stan's place
    by Kristin Donnan
    Story of Fossil hunter Stan Sacrison

Bringing dinosaur into life
    by Masaaki Inoue & Mark Hallett
    Hallett's drowing and interview

An account of a dinosaur lover's experience
on Jurassic Park
    by Michael Trcic
    Making T-Rex model on Jurassic Park

Following dinosaur tracks in England
    by Ryuichi Kaneko
    Dinosaur trip in England

Making of "The Great Dinosaur Exposition" Part3
    by Ichiro Fukuhara
    Making of dinosaur exposition in Tokyo '92

All you ever wanted to know about the Geological
Time Scale
    by Kyoko Ikari
    Review of geological time scale

The origin and Evolution of The Heterodontosaurians
    by George Olshevsky
    Review of Heterodontsaurian and

Osteology of the Dinosaurs 6
    by Yoshio Ito
    Pictures of Pachycephalosaurian skulls

A Dragon of the South
    By R.E,Molnar
    Discription of Minmi skelton found in 1990

A treasure trove of dinosaur information for the asking 
    by Ryuichi Kaneko
    Report of UCLA Libraly

The seas of Japan and the Plesiosaurs
    by Yuji Takakuwa
    Review of Plesiosaurs from Japan

Up-and-Coming stars of the dinosaur world
    by Yoshio Ito
    review of Pelecanimimus,
This title can be purchased through OCS in Canada and US

price in Japan: 1800yen

MIchiaki Endo