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Re: Dilophosaurus??

>From: Tom Holtz <tholtz@geochange.er.usgs.gov>
 > More significant is the fact that we already know what one major display
 > structure of this theropod is (the epynomous two crests [di- lophos] on its
 > skull).  I feel that it is unlikley that this particular genus had a lot of
 > other displays (what next - flashing lights!). 
Quite, if I were making a model/animatronics Dilophosaurus
I would make its two crests brightly colored - either red or
orange, or maybe something more complex.

[I would have to see what color pattern most enhanced the
visibility of the crests].

What I find interesting is the wide variety of display structures
on the heads of various dinosaurs.  Many theropods have some sort
of ridges, crests, or small horns (or in one case largish horns).
Many hadrosaurs have various crests, ceratopsians have horns
and frills, and pachycephalosaurs have various knobs and horns.

This suggests that dinosaurs as a group were very visually oriented.
Rather like their living descendents, the birds.

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