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Re: Deinonychus

>From: Raphael Carter <raphael@indirect.com>
 > >
 > >With the exceptions of Greg Paul (who synonymized the two) and Michael
 > >Crichton, no one has regarded the two taxa as the same in the technical
 > >literature.  
 > Well, that explains it -- I was going by Paul's PREDATORY DINOSAURS OF THE
 > WORLD.  Thanks.

You have to be real careful with that book.  Greg Paul put alot
of his own theories in there without clearly labeling them as such.
[He also published some taxonomic revisions at the species and
generic level, which by the Code, are properly published, sigh,
and thus binding within a certain range].

Some of the stuff in his book that is questionable, are things
like his placement of Ornitholestes and Megalosauridae (=Torvosauridae).
[Note, these placements *may* turn out to be right, but right
now they look like they are unlikely].

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