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Re: Pronouncing Dinosaur Names

 I pronounce some of these differently.  But considering that most 
academics annoy students by pronouncing things in non-standard 
ways, I feel perfectly justified.  Many accepted pronounciations do not 
follow their etymological roots, such as *Triceratops* (try-ser-a-tops) 
should be = (try-ker-a-tops) and so on....;<}

> 1. Ankylosaurus: "An" as in the indefinite article; "ky" as in the thing
>    you use to unlock a door? Emphasis on the "ky"?

An-ki (as in kiss) -lo-sor-uss

> 2. Apatosaurus: "pat" as in "Patrick" (I would say this option)
>    The initial "A" -- is it "uh" or "a" as in "at"? (the latter)
> 3. Diploducus: is the first "o" a long "o" as in "go" or a short "o"
>    as in "god" to rhyme with "plod"? (Diplod_o_cus!  there is an 
alternative emphasis in this one, I change depending on which 
pronounciation is most acceptable to my audience either 
diplo-DOE-cuss or DIPLOD-i-cuss:)
> 4. Tyrannosaurus: "Ty" as in "tie" that people sometimes wear? 
> 5. Brachiosaurus: "Brach" as in "bracket" or as in "Brock"?
[Brach as in "bracket" and the "ch" as in the Scottish "loch" that only 
a true Scot can pronounce!]

> ----- Amado Narvaez

Try some more;*)