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Pronouncing Dinosaur Names

Mickey Rowe recently posted a note about the pronunciation of names
like "Dilophosaurus" and "Parasaurolophus," which prompts me to inquire
about the preferred/correct pronunciation of the following:
1. Ankylosaurus: "An" as in the indefinite article; "ky" as in the thing
   you use to unlock a door? Emphasis on the "ky"?
2. Apatosaurus: "pat" as in "Patrick" or as in "pot" like you cook with?
   The initial "A" -- is it "uh" or "a" as in "at"?
3. Diploducus: is the first "o" a long "o" as in "go" or a short "o"
   as in "god" to rhyme with "plod"?
4. Tyrannosaurus: "Ty" as in "tie" that people sometimes wear?
5. Brachiosaurus: "Brach" as in "bracket" or as in "Brock"?

Are there variant pronunciations from country to country? I would expect,
for example, that the German pronunciation of the "Tyr" in Tyrannosaurus
would be pronounced like "tu" with an umlaut over the u (sort of like the
German word for "door".)

How much do professional paleontologists care about mispronunciations?
I would imagine that some mispronunciations are bearable almost to the
point of acceptability or tolerance (like the pronunciation of 
Dilophosaurus in "Jurassic Park") whereas others are like fingernails on 
a chalk board.

----- Amado Narvaez