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K-T Boundry

I just heard a lecture on hadrosaurs of the 
CretaseouLate Cretaceous, afterwards
an interesting discussion took place.  The speaker, Sandy Ludlum, says
that the marine K-T boundry and the terrestrial K-T boundry may not
coincide with each other.  Anyone have any ideas on this?

Also, diuring the same sdiscussion, it was pointed out that many specie of
dinosaur were already extinct and numbers of existing specie were decreasing
at the time slightly before the K-T incident.  This was due to the inter-
continental seea during the Cretaceous expanding and contracting its east to
west boundries, in the ewest limiting the range of habitat east of the 
to a narrow strip of deltaic environments.  It is entirelley possible 
that the
vast majority of all genera were extinct or becoming so before thie K-T
incident due to environmental factors (dictated by techtotonics).
What do you flolks think?