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Got any door stops?


I was just talking to Spencer Lucas about his trips to Kazakhstan in the
one-time Soviet Union, and he mentioned that the Kazakh Academy of
Sciences is in serious need of any working pcs (he knew I was a computer
nerd, so he asked me where he could dig up some cheap, even kinda
obsolete pcs, and macs).  I think I can cobble up some stuff out of parts
kicking around in the garage, but thought  you folks might want to help 
out as well.

While Spencer, and the guys he works with over there are mammal guys for
the most part, they have found some interesting dinosaur stuff there as
well. He basically said that he (the New Mexico Museum of Natural
History) would love to get them machines for word processing, and basic
data storage needs so that it would be easier to collaborate with them.
Anyone who has any ideas, or would like to find a good home for an old
doorstop hard drive, etc, email me and let me know. 

The museum is non-profit, so you could write off anything you send them
(except ideas--too bad ;) 

The museum would pick up shipping, BTW.


Merrick Burkhardt


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