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Re-connection and thanks...

I just wanted to let you folks know that my net connection is finally up in
Chicago (I was on the list for a short time with my family's group name,
"Jonida") and to thank those whom I was never able to formally thank before
my move back out to campus for their comments and suggestion regarding my
in-progress Illustrated Guide to Dinosaurs for the AMNH. Although still in a
formative stage, it looks like the guidebook will definitely be going
through. Unfortunately, I was never able to convince the Dep't of Education
to make a more flashy presentation of it, so it's still just going to be a
series of stapled-together, Xeroxed pages (sigh). Still, it's gotten
enthusiastic approval from Don Lessem (who I owe for much of my
information), so it looks like the material is accurate and still up-to-date.
With any luck, the guide will be available in early '95 for students and 
scholgroups who
contact the D. of Ed. for dinosaur information.

Thanks again, people!

Dan Lipkowitz