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Re: Dinosaurs Unearthed in Niger

> Paul Sereno's article includes some preliminary work done on a
> 'camarasaur'...
> > The herbivorous dinosaur has not been named but is unusual because it
> > represents a form -- typified by broad teeth -- that was thought to have
> > become extinct more than 20 million years earlier. It was about 55 feet 
> > long.
> > Its thigh bone is six feet long.
> Question...
> It seems that this sauropod material was discovered prior to Sereno's
> field work, I think it was by a French paleontologist named Lapparent or
> Lavocat in late 1950's, but the site was abandoned.  Was this material
> considered to be the dinosaur Rebbachisaurus sp.?
> --John Schneiderman ( dino@cwis.unomaha.edu )