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Re: Dilophosaurus


        Just a brief note to answer the questions by Sean Kerns--

1) There is no evidence that Dilophosaurus spit poison.  I assume that they
made this jump in the movie because there is an indentation in the mouth
region of Dilophosaurus between the premaxilla and maxilla.  However, if
this was used to spit poison, the poison would have shot out to the sides
rather than to the front.

2) There is no evidence for a neck frill.  In modern day animals, these frills
are special modifications of the hyoid bone (a bone that provides attachment
surfaces for throat muscles).  The crests on the head of Dilophosaurs are

        As an aside, my office here is right next door to Sam Welles' office.
Sam discovered and named Dilophosaurus, which resides here at UC Berkeley.
The day after Sam saw Jurassic Park he came into my office to complain, at
length, about how the movie screwed up his dinosaur.  He did concede that
despite its scientific inaccuracies, Jurassic Park was a perfectly good
monster movie.  Oh, one more mistake about Dilophosaurus, in the movie it
was about half its real size.

Tony Fiorillo
Museum Scientist
Museum of Paleontology
University of California
Berkeley, CA  94720