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Hi, all:

Please forgive any mistakes I make on the names of dinosaurs and
other animals; my training is as a historian, not a paleontologist
or biologist. I find paleontology fascinating, though, and would
love to visit some sites and learn more.
Anyway, I finally got to see Jurassic Park last weekend by buying
it (my wife wasn't interested in seeing it at the theater), so I'm
sure this has been discussed. In the movie, there is a seen where
the evil computer guy played by Wayne Knight is attacked by a
creature that was identified in the movie as a Dilophosaurus. Some
questions: is that the correct name? Is there any actual evidence
that they spit to blind their victims, or is that pure movie magic?
Finally, in the movie. the animal flared out a neck crest that
made it look like a giant version of a modern lizard (flying lizard
or Jesus lizard??) I have seen on nature shows. I have seen picutres
(I think) of a Dilophosaurus in several books, but I don't recall
the crest. Was this fabricated also? 
Thanks, and sorry for repeating well-worn subject matter.
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