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Re: Archives

In the spirit of yet more meta-discussion on the list....  (sorry)

On Oct 25, 19:41, Bob Myers wrote:
} Subject: Re: Archives
> On Oct 20,  5:09, Julia wrote:

> > Can anyone tell me if the dinosaur mailing group has archived files?
> I've been working on an archive for the list, but it's not functioning yet.
>-- End of excerpt from Bob Myers

Actually, I'd like to ask the list a couple of questions about setting up a  
public archive:

1) Is it worth while to have a public archive of the list?

This is, in part, a sort of philosophical argument.  Mailing lists of
this sort are transitory, and less public than USENET.  How will people
feel when their articles are archived forever?  Will having an archive
discourage people from posting questions?  Should people have the
ability to delete their own articles from the archive?  Should dumb
articles or mistakes be archived?  Who decides what a dumb article or a
mistake is?  Instead of a complete archive, would  a "Best of the
Dinosaur Mailing List" archive (the "moderated" version, so to speak) 
be more useful?  Is copyright law an issue with an archive or an edited

2) What sort of interface to the archive do we want?

As a first cut at the problem, I'm thinking of a simple WAIS
database of the archive.  It would be nice to be able to follow
discussion threads in the archive, but I'm far from sure how to do

I'll also set up a WWW gateway, and I'll post instructions on how to
access it via email through the public WWW <-> email gateways.  

If anybody has a really good grasp of how to set up a WAIS database,
or thinks they know of a better interface to the archive, and is
willing to help, please let me know. 

I'll be happy to summarize to the list any opinions I receive on this.

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