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Re: ideas about archosaur lungs

LJGG@aol.com wrote:
> I am a physiologist gathering information for a speculative paper about the
> morphology and functional capacity of dinosaur lungs.  Ideas I am exploring
> involve the thoracic cage musculature and articulations, the effect of the
> generally long necks, and the questions of whether dinosaur eggs were
> hard-shelled or soft-shelled... If anyone who has ideas on any of these
> topics, I'd like to hear them!  Thanks!

How about correlating lung + heart volume (= total thoracic volume) relative
to body mass, for various habitual activity levels among living animals, and
then compare to thoracic cavity size among dinosaurs?  This may help estimate
general aerobic capability for dinosaurs.  Is this old hat, or just too
crude a measure?

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