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Re: "Segnosaur" teeth

On Tue, 25 Oct 1994, Chris Nedin wrote:

> Tom Holtz wrote:
> >Actually, the serrations on the teeth of Alxasaurus (as well as those of
> >the Troodontidae) scale with relation to tooth size with those of known
> >herbivores (iguanid lizards, various ornithischian and sauropodomorph
> >dinosaurs, etc.).  Myself and my coauthors, Christine Chandler and Dan
> >Brinkman, recently (i.e., last week) presented evidence which suggests an
> >omnivorous diet for these forms.
> >
> >[Actually, we said that the tooth morphology and other characters suggest a
> >larger proportion of vegetable matter in the diet of these forms than in
> >that of the standard theropods].
> >
> >Other potentially omnivorous theropods include oviraptorosaurs,
> >ornithomimosaurs, and Avimimus.
> Interesting. How did they get around the problem that meat-eating teeth are
> not good for processing vegetable matter and vice versa? Mammals did it by
> differentiating their teeth along the jaw, dinosaurs did not have this
> option.
..meat eating dinosaurs did have one option...become toothless.
---John Schneiderman ( dino@cwis.unomaha.edu )