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recommended book & movie

  Forget the Godzilla movies. If you want to see a DINOSAUR movie, watch "The
Valley of Gwangi", circa 1969. I don't know if it's available on home video. The
last time I watched it was 25 years ago, but in my (infamous) memory it had
excellent special effects, especially when you consider when it was made. Gwangi
is the Apache name for a large and obviously warm-blooded theropod in a hidden
Mexican valley.
  I also want to recommend a book I just finished reading (I hope this is allow-
able, I have no commercial interest in it). Read "The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs" by
Adrian Desmond. He discusses the development of ideas about dinosaurs and
pterosaurs being active and warm-blooded because (his theory) they both evolved
from a common ancestor who developed endothermy after the crocodilian group
split off. What I really enjoyed was the history he covered of the early
pioneers like Cope, Marsh, and many others. He also discusses extinction in the
final chapter (isn't this mandatory in every book about dinosaurs? But I think
he did an especially good job of it.). Some of you teachers especially might be
interested in this book, covering, as it does, history and the two hottest
topics of debate (endothermy and method of extinction).

Scott Horton
Geophysicist/Computer Programmer