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Re: Topic Drift. *Severe* Topic Drift

On Wed, 26 Oct 1994, Tom Holtz wrote:

> >>> 2) what kind of dinosaur was Godzilla?
> >>
> >>    Well, acording to the second movie, Godzilla was a special genus of
> >>dinos called "Gigantis".  Angurus (the only quadruped Godzilla monster)
> >>was of the genus "Angurosaurus".
> >
> >*Was* Godzilla a dinosaur?  I'm not an authority on the movies by any
> >means, but I've always assumed that, since "gojira" (Godzilla in
> >Japanese) sounds like a cross between "kujira" (whale) and "gorira"
> >(gorilla), he was a more mundane mutant.
> As revealed in the 1991 (or was it '92?) movie "Gojira tai King Ghidora",
> Godzilla is a mutated Gojirasaurus, a hitherto unknown genus of
> approximately 50 feet tall dinosaur living in the Marshall Islands.  This
> particular specimen saved a Japanese unit station on its island from nasty
> Americans, was wounded by US artillery, was left for dead by the Japanese
> when left, and got trapped in an H-bomb blast during the 1950s.  The
> radiation, of course, is what mutated the beastie.

        Ah, so he IS an angora sweater.

Roger Taylor, Jr.