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Dino Digs in 95


I read with interest the note from Russ Jacobson about the 1995 Dino Dig in 
Wyoming being sponsored by the Illinois State Geological Survey. 

The Dinosaur Society, for which I am editor of publications and surveys, 
publishes an annual guide to summer digs that families and private individuals
can take part in. If you know of such a program for next year, please forward 
basic information to me so we can add your dig to our survey. We have most of 
the obvious ones--Museum of the Rockies, Dinamation, Smithsonian, etc--but we 
know there are other opportunities that just don't get the same publicity. 

No need to send complete data--we'll send them a survey to collect all the 
details later. You can e-mail me or send something by post to Thom Holmes, 203
Kings Highway East, Haddonfield, NJ 08033. Thanks.

--Thom Holmes
Editor, The Dinosaur Society