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Re: Was Godzilla a dino (fwd)

   I've always enjoyed this list serv primarily because of the intelligent
and thought-provoking quality of its postings.  Leave it to me to taint
that with my Godzilla post. Sorry for starting this thread people.  Allow
me to squash it right here.  The following is from David Milner, moderator
of the Godzilla list serv.

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Date: Tue, 25 Oct 94 22:26:48 -0400
>From: David Milner <dave@blackbox.cc.columbia.edu>
To: ahartman@oswego.Oswego.EDU
Subject: Re: Was Godzilla a dino

According to the 1991 film GOJIRA VS KINGU GIDORA (aka GODZILLA VS.
GHIDRAH), Godzilla was a Gojirasaurus (aka Godzillasaurus) before 
being mutated into Godzilla by a hydrogen bomb test-detonation. So,
what is a Godzillasaurus? A dinosaur similar to an allosaurus or a
tyrannosaurus rex.

    Again, sorry for having started this.  I hope we can put this thread
to rest.

Anthony T Hartman