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Re: mouths-o-babes

On Tue, 25 Oct 1994 BPC.APA@email.apa.org wrote:

> here's a few humorous questions my son has asked me as we discussed 
> dinosaurs:
> 1) who'd win, a dinosaur or bigfoot?

        Well, this depends on a number of things.  For instance, how smart
is Bigfoot?  Is bigfoot a good hunter (is bigfoot a hunter at all).  I
would say that bigfoot would have no problem against, say,
Procompsagnathid (unlike poor John Hammond) but would fair poorly against
most other dinosaurs.

> 2) what kind of dinosaur was Godzilla?

    Well, acording to the second movie, Godzilla was a special genus of
dinos called "Gigantis".  Angurus (the only quadruped Godzilla monster)
was of the genus "Angurosaurus".  Of course these were fictitious names.  
The general consent nowadays is that Godzilla was some kind of therapod
that underwent extreme mutations due to exposure to ionizing radiation. 
(Neat, huh? A Tyrannosaurus grows to be 400 ft tall, breathes fire and
shoots laser beams out of its eyes and all we poor people get is cancer.)

> 3) was tyrannosaurus meaner than allosaurus?

    I haven't had any personal experiences to suggest so (nor would I care
to).  Actually, I've heard an arguement that Tyrannosaurus was probably
more of a scavenger than a hunter.  Comments anyone?

 > 4) can Lou (our greyhound) run faster than a deinonychus?
    I certainly hope so, for Lou's sake! (Why would a kid ask such a
thing? Makes you suspicious or maybe I've been reading too much Calvin and

> 5) who'd win, a dinosaur or a killer whale?

    Actually, Killer whales are nasty bastards.  They've been known to
beach themselves to go after seals and then use their fins to push
themselves back into the water.  They'll ram into iceburgs to try and
knock off any penguins or seals resting on them.  I even heard of a killer
whale that attacked a polar bear by bursting *through* the ice shelf it
was running on.  
    In any event, I think the killer whale would do much better than bigfoot.

>  Just a sampling of the things I have to deal with while reading to my 
> son.

    I just want to take this opportunity to say that it's great that you
read to your son.  Kid's have a thirst for knowledge that should be
welcomed and their questions and curiosity should always be welcomed.
    I stole the show in the school science fair with my project on
dinosaurs and prehistoric animals (even then I knew not all animals back
then were considered dinos) back in the sixth grade.  

Anthony T Hartman