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RE: mouths-o-babes

here's a few humorous questions my son has asked me as we discussed
1) who'd win, a dinosaur or bigfoot?
2) what kind of dinosaur was Godzilla?
3) was tyrannosaurus meaner than allosaurus?
4) can Lou (our greyhound) run faster than a deinonychus?
5) who'd win, a dinosaur or a killer whale?


1. Which dinosaur?

2. Rubber-guy-in-a-suit-a-saurus.

3. Sure.

4. Hopefully, or he would be lunch.

5. Depends whether we are talking an ocean battle or a land battle.  No 
seagoing dinosaurs, only
reptiles.  So Orca would win in the ocean and Dino would most probably win 
on the land.

Steve S.