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Re: sinraptor/maniraptor

>So it's therapods, carnosaurs, sinraptors
>or therapods, carnosaurs, maniraptors?
>(Perhaps instead of requesting books for my son, I should ask for some
>for myself ;^))

Actually, "Carnosauria" doesn't seem to be a natural group (a group with a
common ancestor and all of its descendants).  Excluding the primitive
herrasaurids and Eoraptor, theropods can be divided into two major groups:
Ceratosauria (Coelophysoidea [such as Dilophosaurus, Coelophysis,
Syntarsus] plus Neoceratosauria [Ceratosaurus, Abelisauridae,
Elaphrosaurus, etc.])  and Tetanurae (everything else).

Tetanurae is divided into Torvosauroidea (aka Megalosauroidea, including
Afrovenator, Torvosaurus, and maybe the Spinosauridae) and Avetheropoda
(which Sereno calls Neotetanurae, although Avetheropoda has 6 years of
priority by name and several weeks priority by phylogenetic definition).
Avetheropoda is divided into Allosauroidea (Sinraptoridae plus Allosauridae
plus Cryolophosaurus) and Coelurosauria.  Coelurosauria is divided into
Compsognathus and a group I have to rename ("Maniraptora sensu Holtz
1994").  This last group contains Ornitholestes, Oviraptorosauria,
Therizinosauroidea (aka Segnosauria), true Maniraptora (Dromaeosauridae and
birds), and Arctometatarsalia.  Arctometatarsalia is divided into
Tyrannosauridae and Bullatosauria (= Troodontidae plus Ornithomimosauria).

Theropod phylogeny made easy...

>Finally, last week I asked about name changes (and received several
>examples)--here's another one Gorgosaurus is now Albertasaurus?

Actually, Gorgosaurus may NOT be Albertosaurus, since the features used to
put G. libratus into Albertosaurus may simply be primitive features of

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