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Dinosaur Clip Art on the Internet

James F. Mahaffy inquired about dinosaur clip art on the Internet. There
is a "Dinosaurs" HyperCard stack available by both anonymous FTP and
gopher at several different sites. The art for the stack (designed by Jon
Pugh) came from various clip art sources. The gopher site is:
You would select "Merit Software Archives" from the menu. The next menu
will appear and you would select "Macintosh Archive." The next menu
appears and you select "hypercard." You should find the dinosaurs stack
in the next menu. You will need a program like StuffIt Expander or
Compact Pro to decode and decompress the file.

The artwork is in a Macintosh paint format, but can be copied with the
HyperCard graphics tools to the clipboard and then pasted into any Mac
graphics program like SuperPaint or MacPaint.

I contacted Jon about the stack and he was not able to specify who the
copyright holder of the artwork is, so it is unclear whether the artwork
is in the public domain or freeware or shareware. I have seen the same
art in clip art collections from a variety of places. 

The 1993 BMUG Shareware Catalog has a couple of listings for dinosaur

----- Amado Narvaez
(If you prefer to get the HyperCard stack by FTP, I think the Michigan
site "mac.archive.umich.edu" also has the stack.)