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Japanese dino-magazines

 I know three dinosaur magazines have been published in Japan. I report 
shortly about them.

*Kyouryuugaku saizensen (Gakken mook dino-frontline): Quarterly
Publisher: Gakken 
ISBN of latest issue: ISBN4-05-600626-6
Price in Japan: 1800yen
This magazine first published in 1992, previously published seven issues.
 It is for kid to adult readers. 
Paleontologists and science writers (Z.Dong, J.F.Bonaparte, P.J.Curry, 
G.Olshevsky, and Japanese writers) reviewed recent discovery and 
dinosaur science. This title can be purchased through OCS (Oversea 
Courier Office) in Canada and US .

*kyouryuu saurusu: weekly
Publisher: Douhousha shuppan
Price in Japan: 490yen
This magazine first published in 1993, previously published 51 issues. 
It is for kid readers. 
I think this is translation from DeAGOSTINI PARTWORK.

*kyouryuu rando: bimonthly
Publisher: Shougakukan
ISBN of latest issue: ISBN4-09-102034-8
Price in Japan: 580yen
This magazine first published in 1994, previously published four issues.
It is for kid readers. It appears dinosaur cartoons, making dinosaur models, 
new discovery about dinosaurs, interview to paleontologists (R.Barsbold, 
K.Padian, and S.Chatterjee are interviewed latest issue), and dinosaur Q&A.

Michiaki Endo