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Re: more questions from the rookie

Theropod dinosaurs are divided into several major groups.

One of these is the group called the maniraptorans, which
include the most specialized forms, such as Velociraptor,
Dromaeosaurus, Oviraptor, and others, as well as the ancestors
of the birds. (There is even some reason to believe that
Tyrannosaurus belongs here). 

The term "sinraptoran" refers to a smaller subgrouping of theropod
dinosaurs, a subgroup of the major subgroup called carnosaurs.
Saying that Cryolophosaurus is a sinraptoran is suggesting that its
closest relative may be Sinraptor.

According to Dr. Holtz, Afrovenator is probably *not* a maniraptoran,
but is also a carnosaur, like Cryolophosaurus - but of a different
minor subgroup, the torvosaurs or megalosaurs.

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