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Re: The envelope please...

On Oct 19, 17:23, Mickey Rowe wrote:
} Subject: The envelope please...
> Well, I've just tallied the votes that I've received thus far in our
> poll to see how we might want to interact with a newsgroup should one
> get created.  

Well, the newsgroup is tentatively named sci.bio.paleontology now in the
RFD.  No "dinosaur" in there at all.  I've had it suggested to me by the
official group-advice people that if we want to link the dinosaur list with
a newsgroup, it might well be best to create a subgroup just for that, i.e.,

If we want this list to stay a list focused on dinosaur discussion, and not
general paleontology, I think we should not link sci.bio.paleontology and
the dinosaur list.  A 2-way gateway between a mailing list and a newsgroup
with different charters is not going to work; they're going to be identical!

I will volunteer to post an RFD for sci.bio.paleontology.dinosaur if there
is a strong demand on this list for a special newsgroup <-> mailing list
link.   This will enable any of us to participate via email or news at our
own options.

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