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Re: usenet vs. list

>> I would prefer it if the dinosaur mailing group remain in existence
>> as well as sci.bio.paleontology (?) as I don't think I can access
>> newsgroups. 

>Just to be clear, no one is proposing that the dinosaur mailing list be
>abolished.  The only question before the list is whether to send articles
>back and forth between the list and a newsgroup, and what newsgroup that
>should be.

>Some of the language in my original RFD may have given the impression I
>intended the newsgroup sci.paleo.dinosaur to completely replace the dinosaur
>list, which was never the case.  Sorry for any confusion that may have caused.
>Bob Myers                               Unocal Information Systems Support

  If there is no communication between the DINOSAUR list and the proposed
SCI.PALEO.DINOSAUR (or whatever) newsgroup, this essentially means that the
newsgroup will replace the list for those who can (and want to) use it. If the
DINOSAUR list loses most of its subscribers this way, as looks likely, I
strongly suspect that the list will dry up and die like an Afrovenator caught
in the Sahara Desert (yes, I know it wasn't desert during the Cretaceous Era,
but it is now, and so might be the DINOSAUR list).

Scott Horton
Geophysicist/Computer Programmer