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Re: newsgroup

On Thu, 20 Oct 1994, Michael Andrew Turton wrote:

> >I would prefer it if the dinosaur mailing group remain in existence
> >as well as sci.bio.paleontology (?) as I don't think I can access
> >newsgroups. In fact, in my network naivety, I am not even very sure
> >how to go about finding out about access to newsgroups!!! Any info. on
> >this score would be gratefully appreciated. At the moment, I reckon
> >any info forwarded between the above two groups would probably be
> >most fruitful for me!
> I couldn't agree more.  If the decision is to go to a newsgroup,
> would someone please place access instructions on this list?

I do not think this is possible. Too much depends on your local 
environment - including whether you have access at all; to what you have 
access; how you have access. You need to contact your sys admin to pursue 
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