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The envelope please...

Well, I've just tallied the votes that I've received thus far in our
poll to see how we might want to interact with a newsgroup should one
get created.  Winning by a landslide we have... apathy!  I suspect
that this is quite typical with computer networks; I got votes from
just barely over 5% of you.  With that caveat on the significance of
my results, what we got were:

15 c's        i.e.      list  <----> newsgroup
 9 a's        i.e.      list  -----> newsgroup
 4 d's        i.e.      list  <-||-> newsgroup

I'm very sympathetic to the arguments for a, particularly that
preventing direct traffic from the newsgroup might help us to maintain
our high signal to noise ratio, but it looks like those having a
preference predominantly want to see everything that might be of
interest go everywhere.  At this point we might want to let the
subject drop until we find that the newsgroup is actually going to get

Feel free to continue sending me votes (or changes of vote), but if
the voting doesn't change, it looks like we'll go with option c.  If
things work out that way and the S/N ratio gets too low, we can always
disengage the flow again...  Please feel free to complain to me about
it later.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)