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Re: Afrovenator/confused again

> Please clarify: 1) Afrovenator is
>not an allosaurus(rid), as mentioned in the AP article, but is a

Actually, neither.  Afrovenator is a basal torvosauroid, a new subfamily
containing Afrovenator and the unnamed clade Torvosauridae+Spinosauridae.

>2) torosaurids are/are not megalosaurids?

Actually, I expect they are the same, but until a British graduate student
finishes her work on the type megalosaurid (Megalosaurus bucklandi), we
really don't know for certain what (if anything) belongs in Megalosauridae.

>So where does
>Afrovenator fit at present? How complete is this find?

Fairly complete - material from the skull, vertebral column, both pectoral
and pelvic girdles and limbs.

>The as yet unnamed sauropod, which group would it fit into (camarasaurs,
>titanosaurs? Don't flame me yet, I still have to get to the library and
>bone up on this)? Is the 6 ft thigh bone all that was found, and if so,
>how can 1 bone determine so much about a creature (Iguanadon used to have
>its thumb on its nose, remember)?

Actually, there are more than one individual of the sauropod, with better
anatomical coverage than in Afrovenator.  The authors are progressing in
work on the phylogeny of sauropods, and they suspect that the unnamed new
form is related to the camarasaurids rather than the diplodocids or the

>Also, is Oct 9 the right date for the issue of Science, which presents
>all this? I can only come up with an Oct 7th. issue.

I don't know the exact date (that was the one given me), but it is the
issue followin th 7th (so presumably the 14th).

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