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Afrovenator/confused again

Ok, I come back from a disastrous weekend in South Bend, watching the 
Irish crash and burn and read about the Sereno African dinosaur 
discoveries (the South Bend Tribune had a somewhat abbreviated version of 
the article posted here elsewhere), and as I read the talk about 
Afrovenator, I seem to have lost it. Please clarify: 1) Afrovenator is 
not an allosaurus(rid), as mentioned in the AP article, but is a 
torvosaurid? 2) torosaurids are/are not megalosaurids? So where does 
Afrovenator fit at present? How complete is this find?

The as yet unnamed sauropod, which group would it fit into (camarasaurs, 
titanosaurs? Don't flame me yet, I still have to get to the library and 
bone up on this)? Is the 6 ft thigh bone all that was found, and if so, 
how can 1 bone determine so much about a creature (Iguanadon used to have 
its thumb on its nose, remember)? I'm not trying to be a pest, but it 
seems that dinosaurs get classified awfully quickly at times, and then we 
have all this brouha over if the classification is accurate, etc (as 
evidenced by responses to one of my earlier questions).
Also, is Oct 9 the right date for the issue of Science, which presents 
all this? I can only come up with an Oct 7th. issue.

Blaise  Considine [bpc.apa@email.apa.org]