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Your Help Please......

General comments:
1.  If you have seen this posting earlier, we apologize.
2.  Because of transmission difficulties we have chosen 
    to use the "copy" facility from time to time. Please 
    excuse us for doing so. Here is the actual message:
This may not be the correct group to post this request to.            
If so, I apologize. However, the request is serious.           
I am carrying out an unusual survey, and would  
appreciate any input. The research itself is on the light  
side of life, so lease bear with me for two more minutes.   
I am searching for quotations from writings on the walls  
of public rest rooms (all genders) worldwide. Naturally, I  
am interested only in humorous, philosophical, political 
and good taste quotes.   
Please, do not go into the establishment again to verify   
the absolute exactness of the quotation.    
I trust your memory, and will accept the quotation at face 
Please forward your answers (via e-mail) directly to  
The format for answers should be rather simple and  
conform to the following format.     
        1.  The actual quote:            
        2.  Rest Room for Male or Female (or joint):            
        3.  Establishment (see note):            
        4.  City:            
        5.  Country or State:           
Note 1: Please feel free to forward this message to  
        anyone who in your opinion can make a 
        contribution to this effort. Thank you.     
Note 2: If you include the quote in the original  
        language, please include a translation.  
Note 3: Establishments will not be mentioned            
        in the final document.            
    Thank you for your input and support,