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Dino 95 dig

Jurassic Dinosaur Dig

Field Course in Wyoming to excavate Mesozoic Dinosaurs!

Plans are being made now to continue the field paleontology program in July
1995 and return to eastern Wyoming to excavate Upper Jurassic dinosaurs and
other vertebrates near Sundance, Wyoming. If you have always had an
interest in participating in a dinosaur dig--this is your chance!

Information about the field course is detailed below in this announcement.
For more information, contact Russ Jacobson  at 217-244-2426 (weekdays) or
217-384-6983 (weekends and evenings) or fill out the form at the end of
this announcement and mail to Russ Jacobson, Illinois State Geological
Survey, Room 207, Natural Resources Building, 615 East Peabody Drive,
Champaign, IL 61820

*Description of field program

Morrison Formation, Upper Jurassic, Sundance Wyoming:

        The field work  in this option will include the excavation,
collecting,  and documenting of dinosaur and other vertebrates from
multicolored mudstones of the Morrison Formation  in exposures along I-90
in  a roadcut west of Sundance, Wyoming.  We will be  operating two
quarries in the Morrison Formation in this roadcut along I-90 for most of
the two weeks. The Morrison is  of Upper Jurassic age (150 million years
old) and is one of the major dinosaur-bearing formations in the western
U.S. Some of the vertebrate material already recovered from this site
include: sauropods (long-necked dinosaurs), carnosaurs (meat eaters such as
Allosaurus), other dinosaurs, crocodiles,  and small mammals.

        The main goal of this years expedition is to continue expansion of
two quarries in this roadcut. In these quarries we have already discovered
at least two  adult Camarasaurus 's that we uncovered and partially removed
some portions during the summers of 1993 and 1994. Camarasaurus  is one of
the well-known sauropod dinosaurs of the Morrison formation that was
typically  40 to 50 feet long and is estimated to have weighted from 18-20
tons. The first specimen was found in the summer of 1992.  During this next
season we will concentrate on removal of the remainder of the first
Camarasaurus   and begin exposure and removal of the second one found
during the 1994 season. Other work will include excavation and removal of
other sauropod remains, particularly part of an Apatasaurus  exposed and
partially removed in 1994. In addition we continue to find remains of
smaller dinosaurs (theropods and hypsilophodontids) each year we work in
these quarries and we expect 1995 should be no different. Other small
vertebrates are being found in these quarries, such as: small mammals,
crocodiles, fish, and turtles and you will have an opportunity to remove
and document these remains along with the dinosaurian remains we are

* Requirements and Costs : Individuals (children 18 or under must be
accompanied by parent or legal guardian), and families (children must be 12
or older & able to work under rugged conditions) are welcome. The fee for
this expedition is $450 per person (note: children [12 to 15] with families
of one or more paying adults qualify for special rate of $250 per child. No
School groups please---families only).  This fee covers only costs for
handouts, purchase of field tools and supplies for use during expedition.

* What is not included in the $450 fee: The cost of food, and lodging are
extra and basically are the responsibility of the participants. We may be
able to provide a list of motels and campgrounds in the area or you can
check with your local travel service for the latest info on lodging in the
Sundance, Wyoming area.

        We do have a line on a campground near Sundance that we may be able
to work out something for participants at--keep tuned. Camping fees are
quoted at $8 per day at a campsite near Sundance and perhaps we can work
out a 10-12  deal with the campsite. The campground has pool, showers, and
place for camp fire. We are also looking into info about guest or dude
ranches in area.

        Transportation is also not included in this fee, but  individuals
in the group may work out car pooling via a mailing list of participants
that we will mail out.

*Dates For Expedition: July 17 through July 28, 1995. You should plan to
arrive in the Sundance area on Sunday July16, 1995 The dig will commence on
Monday, July 17, 1995 and will continue through Friday, July 28, 1995. We
will have an orientation class the morning of July 17 at a yet to be
designated site near Sundance, Wyoming.


*Russ Jacobson (Illinois State Geological Survey)

*Steve Sroka (University of Illinois-Museum of Natural History)

*Staff from: South Dakota School of Mines and Technology-Museum of Geology.

* Registration:  In order for us to make our own plans we have set up a
number of requirements for registration in terms of dates and payment of

*First, we have a limit of 15 persons maximum for the dig.

*Registration is on a first come-first serve basis. A non-refundable
deposit of $100 is required to register for the dig. The remainder of the
fee is due on April 30, 1995 and if not paid your spot will be opened up
for others on a waiting list.

*Lodging and food options will be up to you to arrange (choices include
camping at about $8 per day, motels at $50 -$75 per day, maybe some guest
ranches). If you have questions/problems about these lodging arrangements
feel free to call Russ Jacobson at 217-244-2426.

*Total cost. Thus the total cost for participation in this expedition is as

 $450 adults and $250 children ( 12 -15 -each child must be accompanied by
parent or guardian paying full $450 fee)

* Orientation course: An informal orientation course will be held at the
site the first day of dig.
Registration Form-Dinosaur Dig:

Name_______________________________   Age______     Phone___________________

Address_________________________________ City___________State___ Zip__________

Basic info:
__I wish to register now for the field course. Enclosed is my $100  per
person deposit. Please reserve me one spot on the dig per deposit paid.
($450 for those over 15, and $250 for those 12-15). I understand that this
deposit is not refundable whether I decide to cancel my registration for
the dig .

I understand that by April 30, 1995 the balance of my fee is due ($350
adults 16 or older, $150 children 12-16). I also understand that this later
fee is not refundable except in case of cancellation of dig by leadership.

___I wish to register now for the field course and pay my entire per person
fee ($450 adults, $250 for children 12-15). I understand that for each
person the first $100 of this fee is a nonrefundable deposit. The remainder
is also non-refundable except in case of cancellation of the dig.

(If you are registering for a family please fill out the information below)
Write check to Russell J. Jacobson and note in check it is for Jurassic
Dinosaur Dig for your and my records. Send check and registration form to:
Russ Jacobson, Illinois State Geological Survey,  Room 207 Natural
Resources Building, 615 East Peabody Drive, Champaign, Illinois).

Name                                                    Age
Relationship to registrant




Do you have any special medical needs? If so please describe:

Do you have any other information/special needs that we should be aware of?:

Wavier of liability and Terms of Field Paleontology Course In Morrison Fm:
 (required as part of registration for dinosaur course to be held near
Sundance, Wyoming, July 1995)

I the undersigned accept the following:

1) I understand that the trip does not provide any type of medical or
liability insurance to cover any possible injuries and accidents while I
(and any family members) are participating in this field expedition. I
agree to be responsible for carrying my own medical and liability insurance
for myself and any family members who attend this expedition with me. I
agree to provide my own liability, medical (and auto insurance if driving
own vehicle) insurance. I will provide proof of self insurance to
leadership at the spring orientation meetings if required by the
leadership.  I understand that I should carry my own first aid supplies so
that I am prepared should some type of emergency situation arise.

2) I understand the trip does not provide any insurance for my vehicle. In
the event of vehicle trouble or accident I agree that I assume all
responsibility and will not hold the leadership (Russ Jacobson and Steve
Sroka) or their employers (Illinois State Geological Survey or Museum of
Natural History-University of Illinois), or relatives liable for any
injuries that I (or my family members) may incur as a result of travel to
the site of this field expedition or for any thing that may happen to my

3) I understand that conditions in the field may at time be hazardous and
that some of the following situations may exist or be encountered while
working at the dig site:
        a) Weather may be extremely hot (in the 90's or higher).
        b) Weather may be unpredictable at times (windy or stormy)
        c) Some work may be on steep slopes where there is a risk of slipping
           or falling.
        d) The excavation work may at times be strenuous and difficult
           (especially while excavating rock material from the specimens)
        e) Rattlesnakes and other types of sometimes hostile wildlife may be
           encountered (especially while on trips to locate other sites).
        f) The sites are located along stream and road cuts and thus
hazards may be created
           by working at such sites.

4) I understand that the $450  (or $250) fee for this trip is
non-refundable except in case of cancellation of the dig and that the first
$100 is a totally non-refundable deposit. I understand that this fee of
$450 (or $250 fee for children 12-15) and does not provide lodging,
transportation, or food. I am responsible to pay for my own lodging and
food for myself (and family) and find transportation to the dig site.

5) I understand that the $450 (per person) fee covers lecture and
leadership costs, pre-expedition arrangements,  and the purchase (by
leadership) and use (while on the expedition) of rock excavation equipment
(such as picks, and shovels),  and some fine bone excavation equipment  and
bone preparation supplies (consolidants, glues, plaster of paris, plaster
bandages, newspaper, aluminum foil, etc). No other equipment will be
provided for use while on the dig (see # 8 below).

6) I understand that no additional equipment is being provided by the
expedition. I will be responsible for bringing my own gear such as: first
aid kits, canteens, proper clothing for hiking and excavation work (in the
hot summer sun--and for stormy days). I understand that canteens and other
containers for water/drinks are a necessity in such a hot and arid climate
and that I am responsible for bringing my own supplies to deal with this

7) I understand that this trip does not provide transportation for the $450
fee, transportation will be my own responsibility. It is my responsibility
to travel to the site including driving to and from where I am staying.   I
understand we cannot park our vehicles on the I-90 shoulder (where the dig
is located) and that we have to park our vehicle south of the site on ranch
land and walk to the site (including crawling under or climbing a fence).

8) I understand that no collecting of fossil material from the site will be
allowed. All specimens will be deposited in the collections of the Museum
of Geology pursuant to its collecting permit for the quarry site.
Collections from other places are governed by the permission given to the
Museum of Geology.

9)I understand that a porta potty will be provided in close proximity to
the dig site for use by participants in course and its leadership.

10) I (and my family members)do have medical and liability insurance:check
here ___

11)  I the undersigned realize that these conditions outlined above may
exist (as well as others not anticipated), but by signing below I accept
full responsibility for any injuries or hazards encountered (for myself and
any family members attending). I agree that I (or any relatives or family
members) will not hold the leadership of this expedition (i.e. Russ
Jacobson, Steve Sroka), their employers (Illinois Geological Survey,
University of Illinois, or any staff from the South Dakota School of Mines
and Technology), or relatives and families of the leadership responsible or
liable for any injuries that I (or my family members) may incur as a result
of participation in this field expedition.

12) I understand the following tools are required to be brought by me and
will not be provided by the leadership of the dig:
         Rock Hammer, flat trowel, hand awl (like ice pick), couple good 2
inch paint brush (natural bristle),
         one whisk broom, set of hand steel chisels,notebook.

13) I understand that the $100 per person deposit is non-refundable since
this money will be used early by the dig leadership to make financial

14) As the parent or guardian of any 12 to 15 year-olds on this trip I
realize that I will be required at all times to supervise my child. The
leadership will treat your child as any other member and provide training
but you will be required to provide any basic supervision after such
training is received, the leadership is not providing any  special
shepherding of your children once they have received their training.

15) I realize that this dig is a serious scientific enterprise, it is not a
vacation and that sometimes tedious and strenuous work may be necessary.
All members of the team will be expected to carry their share of the work
(including children) at the site in order to ensure the success of the
expedition. We want this to be fun but want to emphasize that it is also
serious work.

16) I agree that I understand all the terms outlined above. By signing
below I hereby agree and accept these terms for both myself and any family
members who will be attending with me.

Signed ____________________________      Date_________________________

Recommended Items for dig:  Some items you may want to have for the dig
include the following noninclusive list:
        a) Hats (for sun) & sunglasses
        b) Sunblock (rating should be high enough for prolonged exposure)
        c) insect repellant
        d) canteens
        e) first aid kit
        f) hiking boots
        g) Bedding (if camping)
        h) Raingear - Thunderstorms develop mainly during afternoons in
Black Hills
            but all day rain may occur, and hail is also a possibility.
        i) Hiking stick (for exploration of nearby area as time permits for
           additional dinosaur sites or in evening).
        k) Materials passed out at meeting (book, articles, etc)
        l) gloves
        m) long sleeve shirt (for sun and cool days)
        n) Coat/sweatshirt (in case of cold days or very cool nights)
        p) camera or video camera (optional for your own documentation
           of dig experience).
        q) flashlight.

  Russ Jacobson                     INTERNET:jacobson@fred.isgs.uiuc.edu
  207 NRB, 615 E Peabody            217-244-2426   Home Phone: 217-384-6983
  Illinois Geological Survey         DINOSAUR RUSS: who lives, eats,
  Champaign, IL 61820                breathes and smells dinosaurs!!!
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