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paleo news groups

In response to James Mahaffy:
>Some of the newsgroups do have little garbage. Bionet is especially good
>(but I think they have a structure that allows encouragement of
>substantive posts).  But I also read sci.bio.ethology? and sci.bio.herp
>and both have a comparatively little noise.  I think there is a need
>for a paleo subgroup under bio or sci. I think dinosaurs should be made
>an initial group under that.  The dinosaur group is about the only
>active paleontological group I have found.  There is a palaeobotany
>list, and it is read but you may go for weeks without a post. Still some
>of the fossil folks may begin to look for groups.  I think the need is
>there and putting an active dinosaur group in a larger heading would
>help in their formation.
Actually most of us who are active paleontologists are
micropaleontologists,and there is a group for us.  I think the stuff
that passes through there would probably be kind of boring for dinosaur
fans though.  I really kind of fear sending this for fear that the
affore mentioned garbage will start showing up there too.

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