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Re: New Dinosaur Fossils Found in Africa

>Researchers Find Bones of Previously Unknown Dinosaurs in Africa

[much deleted]

>Sereno said Afrovenator was a type of predator known as an allosaurus. It was
>smaller than Tyrannosaurus Rex, the killer king that lived during a later era
>the American West, but bigger than the Velociraptor featured in the film
>"Jurassic Park."

AAGHH!  He did NOT say it was an Allosaurus, or even an allosaurid!!  He's
calling it a generalized torvosauroid, sister group to a
Torvosauridae-Spinosauridae clade.

[Actually, when a graduate student in Great Britain finishes her work on
the type specimens of Megalosaurus bucklandi, most of us suspect
Torvosauroidea and Torvosauridae will officially become Megalosauroidea and

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