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> From: Flyinggoat@aol.com
> >
> > One, for example, is a meat-eating predator that looked like a scaled-up
> > version of Velociraptor, the villain of the movie ''Jurassic Park,'' or a
> > scaled-down version of Tyrannosaurus rex.
>Hmm, is this saying it is a maniraptoran?

Actually, it is nothing at all like either Velociraptor or Tyrannosaurus.
Afrovenator looks like a basic "carnosaur", and appears to be related to

> >
> > Sereno has named the new predatory dinosaur Afrovenator abakensis,
>Unless I have missed the formal naming, this should read "will name".
>Until a proper description and naming is published in the approved
>manner the name is not official, and is thus not binding.

Afrovenator was named in the Oct. 9 issue of Science.

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