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Re: 2 new african dinoaurs

>  > Sereno has named the new predatory dinosaur Afrovenator abakensis, 
> Unless I have missed the formal naming, this should read "will name".
> Until a proper description and naming is published in the approved
> manner the name is not official, and is thus not binding.

I understand that Sereno has written an article in which he names the
dinosaur, but it has not be published as of yet.  The pre-release of the
named dinosaur is typical and not against the rules of nomenclature, but
if something else is published before, a new name has to be made.

As for Ultrasaurus macintoshi, I believe the name Ultrasauros was
suggested by George Olshevsky (note the "o" instead of "u")^ as a
replacement name.