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Re: Saurophagus

Regarding the Saurophagus/Epanterias matter, I just ran into
an interesting "oops".

According to my taxonomic notes at home, the generic name
Saurophagus is a junior homonym of another Saurophagus
described by Swainson in 1831.  (Saurophagus maximus was described
in 1914).

So, this organism seems to currently be without a valid generic

And so, unless Epanterias is resolved in favor of the allosaurid
material, AND that material is determined to be of the same species
as "Saurophagus" maximus, *neither* name will turn out to be the
correct name for this organism.

Now I have some questions on a related matter.
My notes at home say that Long intends to seperate Allosaurus ferox
into a seperate genus.  Has this been done?  And, is it possible
that this is another species of "Saurophagus"?

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