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Re: 2 new african dinoaurs

>From: Art Berggreen <art@acc.com>
 > >
 > >When the dinosaurs were alive, the region that is now arid desert was an 
 > >Eden
 > >-- a lush, tropical habitat near the equator with conifer trees, streams and
 > >ponds.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 > This caught my eye.  I've always associated coniferous forests with more
 > temperate climates.
Yes, *now*, after flowering plants evolved and became dominant.
But before the rise of flowering plants conifers filled many of
the niches now filled by flowering plants.  Note, these confiers
were not exacly what we think of as typical conifers today, in
that the leaves were not really needles.  The closest living 
conifers to these ancient tropical forms are certain southern
hemisphere forms.

The current ecological range of conifiers is relictual.

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