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Re: So what's a Brachiosaur?

On Fri, 14 Oct 1994, Tom Holtz wrote:

> >
> >I'm not sure whether I understand Tracy Monaghan's question: "What's
> >a Brachiosaur?"  ...Unless it means "Why do we sometimes see the word
> >'Brachiosaurus' in a text and other times we see 'brachiosaur'?"
> I think part of the confusion might be Jurassic Park related - many press
> releases, posters, etc., said "the Brachiosaur, also known as the
> brontosaurus" - a patently untrue statement!

Thank you.  This is what I was wondering.  I know (vaguely) why the 
brontosaurus is really an aptosaurus (sp?).  Where and how did the name
`brachiosaur' originate?

Also, do you know who owns the patent on this untrue statement?   ;^)

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