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More on the newsgroup

Well, they rejected my first attempt at posting the RFD, with a suggestion
we use sci.geo.paleontology (or maybe sci.bio.paleontology) for general
paleontology newsgroups, or else sci.geo.paleo.dinosaurs (or
sci.bio.paleo.dinosaurs) for a dinosaur specific group, and that only if we
gateway the mailing list.

sci.paleo is frowned upon, since the topic will fit under either bio or geo.

It does not appear to me that we want to bother with a .dinosaurs newsgroup
as such;  general paleontology will probably do.

I'm going to rewrite it, proposing sci.geo.paleontology.  Primary discussion
will be on news.groups, not the mailing list, except for discussion of the 
what the relationship between the newsgroup and the mailing list is.

Any last serious objections before I resubmit it?  I'd suggest sending them
directly to me rather than the list; there will be plenty of opportunity to
discuss this in news.groups when the RFD is finally posted.

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