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>Now for another FAQ? The Dinosaur Society--worth joining? I've seen it 
>mentioned on several recent dinosaur TV shows, but never got the address 
>down. It certainly seems like the sort of thing I would like to be a part 
>of. How scholarly is it? Is it designed for fans in general, or amateur 
>paleontologists, or serious scholars, or what? I'd be willing to bet that 
>this list contains charter members, so send me the details :^)
>Blaise Considine [bpc.apa@email.apa.org] 
The Dinosaur Society can be reached at 200 Carleton Avenue, East Islip, NY 
11730. There is a toll-free number for membership information: (800) 346-6366.

Is it worth joining? You could do worse for your $25. I rather enjoy the 
quarterly publication, The Dinosaur Report. BTW, does anybody know if the 
Society has an email address?

As for a news group. I'm all for it, especially if it attracts articles on 
more than just dinosaurs. I would love to see material on mammal-like 
reptiles. I agree that the group should be in the "sci" category. And yes, I 
prefer "paleo" to "palaeo," which is the British spelling.
Don Squires
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