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Re: sci.paleo newsgroup

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu) wrote:
> In the past some people have stated a preference that the mailing list
> remain in existence regardless of any newsgroup creation because not
> everyone with e-mail has access to USENET or whatever hierarchy the
> newsgroup may be created in.
> ... We can
> choose to have all mail to the list forwarded to the newsgroup, or
> have all articles posted to the newsgroup forwarded to the mailing
> list, or both, or neither.

I watch both the rec.bicycles.{tech,soc,rides,misc,marketplace,racing}
and subscribe to the hpv mailing list.  There are no gateways between
them, but when something of interest to the hpv group is happening
on the newsgroup somebody invariably forwards the topic to the mailing
list, and vice-versa.  It seems to work just fine that way.

There is a lot of traffic (sic!) on the (mature) bike newsgroups and I'd
hate for it to all show up in my mailbox.  On the other hand, until
sci.paleo.dinosaurs.theropods.sue becomes wildly (sic!) successful, it
probably wouldn't hurt to gate everything both ways.  Sooner than we
think, we'll want to disconnect the gateway.

Keep on digging!

--  Mike Bonham        bonham@jade.ab.ca      Jade Simulations International