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Re: Cope's 1991-1994 world tour

Sherry Michael responds to me about the Cope skeleton:

>[The Academy of Naural Sciences] can't be too ticked off, because,
>anyone who works in the collections/preperations knows (this is a
>secret!!! :) :) ) that's not Cope's skull.

I need to clarify something I wrote yesterday.  The wording on the
flyer is not quite as I remembered it.  What they actually wrote was:

     Psihoyos will be accompanied by one of the most famous dinosaur
     hunters of all time, Edward Drinker Cope.  Sort of.  Come find
     out why.

At the time that was written, the Academy may not have been aware of
the extent and nature of Cope's travels with Psihoyos.  They might not
have coped with it so easily if they had (I'm sorry, but somebody had
to say it :-)

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)