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another FAQ?

Thanks to those of you who provided me w/a list of books for my son. 
We've read both "The News About Dinosaurs" and the Dixon book (I have his 
After Man and The New Dinosaurs, so I figured he'd enjoy it). Also thanks 
for the Tyrannosaurus/Tarbosaurus clarification. I see that I'm behind 
the times on who goes where these days. What other reclassifications have 
I missed?

Now for another FAQ? The Dinosaur Society--worth joining? I've seen it 
mentioned on several recent dinosaur TV shows, but never got the address 
down. It certainly seems like the sort of thing I would like to be a part 
of. How scholarly is it? Is it designed for fans in general, or amateur 
paleontologists, or serious scholars, or what? I'd be willing to bet that 
this list contains charter members, so send me the details :^)

Blaise Considine [bpc.apa@email.apa.org]