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Re: Cope's skull

>  The story they told was that when Cope died, he left his skull so that it's
>brain capacity could be measured. He wanted to prove his boast that his brain
>cavity was larger than his arch-rival, Marsh.

Actually, relating to the travelling Cope skull and his rivalry with Marsh:

One of the shoots for the new photobook on dinosaurs was a montage of items
from paleo history, including original field maps, the original Marsh pick,
related items, and Cope's skull.  The shot was taken at Yale while I was
still a graduate student.  A few of us joked that the presence of Cope's
skull on Marsh's old stomping ground was going to have dire supernatural
repercussions ("At midnight, the ghosts of Marsh and Cope rise up and
battle over the Peabody Museum...").

Obviously, the reason this didn't happen was because it wasn't really
Cope's skull... ;-)

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