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Re: New News Group

>So, let's avoid any further unpleasantness and use palaeo from 
>now on.
>--- Derek
Flame on!
BUZZZZZ! Wrong answer Derek. _I_ say it's spelled "paleo".
Flame off! ;-)

(Sound of Eric climbing onto soapbox.)
BTW, I agree about the "elitist filtering" concept. I have to a large extent
stopped reading many of the popular newsgroups, e.g. the sci.astro hierarchy,
due to the rapidly degenerating signal-to-noise ratio (Ron Baalke is probably on
of the few sources of actual content in those groups - thanks Ron!). I realize
that most of the trash is just people having fun or being mischievous, but blast
it, they waste a _lot_ of bandwidth (esp. Dr. Abian - God I hope he doesn't see
(Sound of Eric jumping off of soapbox - OOOMMPPHH!)

Eric Winter
Hughes STX
(301) 441-4235

A well-adjusted person is one who makes the same mistake twice without getting
nervous. - Jane Heard